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Traditional Supply Lists Eliminated

Students need to supply:

- Book Bag (no wheels)

- 1 small supply box


There will be homework assignments where students will need pencils, crayons, glue, scissors, etc. at home


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We are Thankful

Miss Runkle – Preschool

Kolton - turkeys, Asher, daddy and mommy

Brennen - daddy

Levi - my dog, my sister, my mom and dad

Corbyn - springtrap, my animals, my dad and mom

Mordecai - my sister, my brother, mommy and daddy

Weston - playing outside, my paw-paw, dad and mom

Ali - my little sister, Cassidy, Makaylee, Daisy and mom and dad

Cassidy - my friends ,Ali, my teachers, mommy and daddy and my baby sister Savannah

Kylee - my pets ,my mommy and daddy

Makaylee  - my animals, my candy, mom, dad and Mack

Harper - flowers, Ali, mommy and dadd

Daisy - dogs and cats

Gideon - water

Willow - my hand

Logan - mommy and daddy

Aliyah - daddy, pap-pap, mommy and Kensley

Ryleigh - my doggie, turkeys and my family

Harland - my turkey

Aryanna - dinosaurs and princesses

Savannah - mommy and turkeys

Kole - my turkey 

Mrs. Dille – Kindergarten

Addison – My dog

Ava – My dog

Hayleigh – My cat

Isaac – My dog

Jacoby – My cat

Jaden – My cat

Jasper – My dad

Kyler – My dad

Landon – My mom

Madison  - Mrs. Dille

Mason – My dad

Miranda – My mom

Nicholas – My toys

Peyton – My kitten

Raylee – My mom

Savannah – My mom

Sydney – My turtle

William – My Pa

Xaden – My grandma

Mrs. Moss – Kindergarten

Charlee – My dog

Jayden – My dog

Halee - apples

Madyson – My mom

Deric – My cat

Alicia – My dad

Emilia – My puppy

Jackson – My classmates

Jordan – The zoo

Timothy – My dad

Devan – A hamburger

Tinley – My kite

Payten – Dad and mommy

Landry – My games

Landon – My brother

Autumn – My horse

Drako – Everyone I know

Roger – My cat

Bradley -  My mom

Mrs. Fowler – 1st Grade

Briggs- I'm thankful for chicken nuggets and fries. 

Gavin-I'm thankful for my family.

Cameron-I'm thankful for God and the world.

Ayden-I'm thankful for the mashed potatoes the farmers make.

Ryen-I'm thankful for my family.

Grayson-I'm thankful for the dinner that my family is having. 

Melissa-I'm thankful for my family and food.

Destiny-I'm thankful for the United States.

Avery-I'm thankful for my family.

Hailey-I'm thankful for the turkey and the gravy.

Brylee-I'm thankful for people being safe.

Addison-I'm thankful for our classroom.

Sylar-I'm thankful for a really good school.

Blake-I'm thankful for turkey.

Liam-I'm thankful for our family.

Adam-I'm thankful for mashed potatoes.

Gabriel – I am thankful for my mom and Thanksgiving turkey.

Mrs. Lane – 1st Grade

Baylee- men and women in the military

Aaliyah- my sisters

Jaylenna- my mom, dad, and friends

Destini- my dog

Layla- my teachers

Kameron- getting new friends

Jimmy- for the military men and women and of course monster truck

Zayla- my mother

Cooper- faith, family, friends, and the military who serves us

Loretta- for being in Mrs. Lane's class

Jacob- for everyone

Avery- my mom

Eva- my teachers

Maddison- my family and friends

Carlee- my dad

Maggie- my dad

Noah- my friends

Mrs. Sharb – 2nd Grade

Addilyn – My dad

Brayden – To help mom

Nevaeh A. – My friends

Anson – My family

Isabelle – My family

David – For being born

Nevaeh B. – Food

Yvonne – Everything

Emily – Veterans who fought

Noah – The first Thanksgiving

Darren – My family

Madison – Being helpful

Shania – My family

Dalton – Bikes

Charles – My cousins

Rylan – Everyone at school

Stephen – My family and pets

Katelyn – Food

Emma – My Family

Alex – My family

Mrs. Sturgell – 2nd Grade

‪Maria - I am thankful for the soldiers because they help our country.  My papaw was in the Army and he helped the country and I love him.

‪Madison - I am thankful for my mom.  I help her clean the house because, she asked me to.

‪Chase - I am thankful for me, because I love me!

‪Aaron -  I am thankful for my family, because they take care of me and help me.

‪Laken- I am thankful for Ohio, because we have freedom, like people can't boss you.

‪Isabella- I am thankful for homework, because it is math and I like math.

‪Natalya- I am thankful for soldiers who served our country.

‪Payton- I am thankful for my friend Keilyn, because I love her.

‪Zoe- I am thankful for my family, because they take care of me, feed me and pick me up from the bus.

‪Dezi- I am thankful for the country, because soldiers protect our country and help us all.

‪Jayden- I am thankful for the school, because it is fun learning.

‪Caleb-   I am thankful for doing my chore at home, because it's worth it. It helps my mom.

‪Adam- I am thankful for my aunt, because I like to play football, volleyball, and baseball.  That is why I am thankful for my aunt.  I am thankful for my grandpa because we play WII. Those are the people I am thankful for in my family.

‪Ethon - I am thankful for my  brother , because he is cute.

‪Makenna- I am thankful for my family, because they take good care of me.

‪Colten - I am thankful for my family, because they take care of me.

‪Aubree- I am thankful for family , because I love them.

‪Kevin-  I am thankful for the president, because they have hard work to do.

Miss Blubaugh – 3rd Grade

Chance - I am thankful for my Dad because he gets everything ready for Thanksgiving.

Gracie - I am thankful for school because it helps me learn.

Daniel - I am thankful for video games.

Gabriel - I am thankful for when my mom buys me things that I didn’t ask for.

Kaden - I am thankful for life.

Emily - I am thankful for school because I get to learn new things.

Danica - I am thankful for my pets because they make me smile.

Rilee - I am thankful for my new baby brother.

Haley - I am thankful for hospitals because they help people and save lives.

Madison - I am thankful for books because I get to learn and some are funny.

Piper - I am thankful for food because it keeps us alive.

Taegan - I am thankful for school because it teaches me new things.

Austin N. - I am thankful for school because I like to play on the playground.

Austin L. - I am thankful for God for making everything around us.

Levi - I am thankful for my family.

Marcus - I am thankful for my family because they’re really nice to me.

Jesse - I am thankful for having a house.

Noah - I am thankful for my family.

Cole - I am thankful for my mom and dad.

Breanna - I am thankful for life because I get to live and have fun.

William - I am thankful for school because I can learn and do math.

Miss Wooten – 3rd Grade

Gage- I am thankful for being able to help Connor, Joey, and William.

Gavin- I am thankful for money

Kane- I am thankful for the food in the cafeteria

Joey- I am thankful for my brother

Jordan- I am thankful for saying good words

William- I am thankful for life.

Connor - I am thankful for my grandma and toys.

Madison - I am thankful for my family.

Mrs. Wolfe – 4th Grade

Wyatt  - I’m thankful for trees.

Gabriella – I’m thankful for pizza because it’s my favorite food.

Gage – I’m thankful for my parents.

Alexis – I’m thankful for my family.

Landon – I’m thankful for school.

Patrick – I’m thankful for freedom.

Abigail – I’m thankful for this school

Cassy – I’m thankful for trees.

Zander – I’m thankful for my dog, Nar Nar.

Allyson – I’m thankful for my family.

Izeyah – I’m thankful for my Xbox.

Anna – I’m thankful for my school.

Colton – I’m thankful for my family.

Adam – I’m thankful for my mom.

Shayla – I’m thankful for the teachers at Laurelville Elementary.

Rileigh – I’m thankful to be living here today.

Nicholas – I’m thankful for the picture book of my whole family.

Elizabeth – I’m thankful for deer.

Aaron – I’m thankful that we have today, and that we have tomorrow.

Ian – I’m thankful for the soldiers who have served in our military.

Mrs. Woods - 4th Grade

Hunter- I am thankful for my school and my family. Also I am thankful for my class and teachers.

Addy-I am thankful for my loving family and a nice home. I am also thankful for my warm bed.

Brenyn- I am thankful for my family because they take me to theme parks.

Parker- I am thankful for light bulbs because they give light if you need it to see.

Emmy-I’m thankful for my life and all the things in my life. I’m also thankful for my school, friends, family and teachers.  I love my mom and my dad. I love my mom because she loves me. I love my dad because he was in the army. I love my sisters and brothers because they support me.

Shawn- I am thankful for the Veterans who have served in the Army.

Skylar-I am thankful for God and Jesus because without them none of us would be alive and we would be nothing. I think everyone should be thankful for them because they have worked so hard and that is what I am thankful for.

Tanner-I am thankful for trucks so if we get stuck we can get out.

Kaylyn- I am thankful for having a house to live in and having a mom and dad. My mom and dad buy me pizza.

Ted- I am thankful for my dog because it makes me happy when I mad. And my dad to takes me to practice.

Mak- I’m thankful for life, my dogs, freedom, and our veterinarians.

Cheyenne-I am thankful for my family because I love them so much. I am also thankful for my friends because they are nice to me.

Kijika-I’m thankful for my x-box 360slim and my grandma because she gets me toys.

Savana-I am thankful for my school.  Also my family, forever.  They make me dinner every day.

Isaiah- I’m thankful for three meals on every day at dinner.  Also when I’m sick they give me medicine.

Mikey- I am thankful for my family like my mom cooks for me and gives me clothes and my dad.

Wade- I’m thankful for my house and my dad.

Kyle - I love my mom.

Brianna- I am thankful for my family, friends , and me being happy and healthy.