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Attendance Incentive

96% Attendance is considered to be good attendance.

96% attendance = being absent 7 DAYS OR LESS

Last year we had close to 100 students with Chronic Absenteeism

40 students missed OVER A MONTH of school!!

We understand kids get sick and need to stay home. However, missing over a month of school directly effects their education.  We are really making a concentrated effort to improve attendance this year.

Each month there will be an attendance incentive for students to work for.

To meet the monthly attendance incentive, students will need perfect attendance for that month. We fully understand students will not have perfect attendance every month. However, that is the goal and students will have 9 chances to meet a monthly incentive.


Every student that misses 7 DAYS OR LESS will

1. Receive a $10 Walmart Gift Card.

2. Be entered into a drawing for big prizes.

Examples of Big Prizes

2 Bikes           PS4           Xbox 360           $50 Young’s Giftcard           $100 Walmart Giftcard

Miss 7 days = name in drawing 1 time    Miss 6 days = name in drawing 2 times    Miss 5 days = name in drawing 3 times

Miss 4 days = name in drawing 4 times    Miss 3 days = name in drawing 5 times    Miss 2 days = name in drawing 6 times

Miss 1 day = name in drawing 7 times

Perfect attendance = name in drawing 8 times

The less you miss, the better your odds of winning!! 

Notes of Clarification

Attendance Infractions = tardy, early release

3 attendance infractions = ½ day absence

This is an INCENTIVE program. It does not punish students.

A day missed is a day missed, whether it is excused or unexcused.